EOS effect

Getting EOS brings time savings, error minimization, fewer overdue payments, and also a bigger sum of collected membership fees. All in all, the effect of the club platform is usually higher than its cost and the club even makes money!

Total time spent dealing with the payments

Preparing payment docs, checking if payments have been paid, reminding of overdue payments and manually creating proofs of payment. All these operations are unnecessary with EOS, or their difficulty drops to a minimum.

Time to issue and deliver payments

Everyone prepares and delivers the payment information to their members, or to the representatives of the children, in a different way. This usually involves a number of manual steps. In EOS, all you have to do is generate the payments in bulk by the payment group template and automatic notifications to the app or e-mail will take care of the rest.

Time to check payments

Endless manual checking and ticking off the incoming payments according to the bank account statement is a thing of the past. You just link the EOS platform with a bank account through API, and EOS checks the incoming payments automatically several times a day.

Time to deal with overdue payments

As soon as the payment is overdue, it’s generally unpleasant to remind the debtors, and on top of that, through various channels. The info goes from the management to the coach, then to the members and back. Often it happens that before all the info is passed around, everything is different again... The EOS platform takes care of everything by itself – it automatically sends out notifications for overdue payments.

Time to issue proofs of payment

Part of the members need to be issued a proof of th paid payment. This needs to be manually created, stamped and somehow delivered to the member or representative. The EOS platform also takes care of this. The members receive a notification about the paid payment and can download the proof by themselves. The club stamp and signature are automatically uploaded to the document.

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Sum of outstanding payments

Based on the references of the EOS users themselves, a huge benefit of the platform is the increase of efficiency in collecting payments from the members. Of course, this effect is the higher the less systematically the payments were dealt with before the EOS platform was implemented.

Sum of overdue payments

The platform automatically notifies the members about the approaching payment deadlines and also sends reminders for overdue payments. As a result, far fewer payments fall into overdue status.

And this is only the payments!

The entire platform offers much more that will save even more time and money. Neatly ordered membership database, clear communication with the whole club, recording the attendance, docs sharing, electronic consents and more. All this in a user-friendly environment – in the web version and also as a mobile app. On top of that, we're constantly adding new features and goodies to the platform!

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