How to begin

The process

1. Presentation / meeting

We will walk you and your colleagues through the eos platform in an online meeting, or we will be happy to meet you in person if possible. We'll show you what the platform has to offer and answer your questions.

David Uhlir
A major impulse for the purchase of eos was certainly the good personal presentation of the product.
David Uhlir
President, Atletický klub Olomouc

2. Demo version and support

We will install the full version of the club platform for you. You then have 30 days to test everything for free with your real data. Everything is clear and intuitive, but you can contact us at any time with any questions.

Monika Perglerova
The support is great, but luckily we didn't need it much because the eos system is very intuitive. We managed most things ourselves.
Monika Perglerova
youth coordinator, CVK Praha

3. Going live

When you decide the platform suits you, you can smoothly transition from the demo version to the live version. We just redirect the platform to your own domain. You get to keep your data for the live version if you want to.

Adela Bocanova
Switching to eos was quite simple. We gave the members and parents some time to try it out. Then we addressed some issues and everything was good.
Adela Bocanova
secretary, FBS Bohemians Praha

4. Further support

We will help you with the implementation in your club. We will advise you on best practices and answer your questions. For additional support, you can use the written documentation and we are also available on email and phone. Another form of support is your registration in the platform for eos administrators where you can talk to the eos admins from other clubs and also with us.

Martin Vyroubal
Flexible customer support was one of the main criteria why we decided to go for eos.
Martin Vyroubal

When do you start?

What proved useful in practice

We have already helped to implement the eos platform in a large number of clubs. Here are the tips that shouldn’t be underestimated in practice.

Demo and testing

Try out the features of the eos platform with the closest club management or with selected coaches and a few members. You can test as much as you want – we can erase all data after. Let us know if questions pile up.


Choose ideally one or two people in the club who will be the administrators of your club platform – they will communicate with us. They will thus know the platform very well and can be helpful to the other users.

Data import

Prepare a table with a database of your members. It is very simple to import them into the eos platform. All you need is the first and last names, date of birth and contact e-mail address (for members under 16 it’s their parent’s e-mail address). You can download a table of members from the association’s information system or another database and just simplify it for the purpose of the eos import.

Introduction to the members

This is important! Before inviting the members and parents to the platform, familiarize them with your intention to start using the eos platform. Show them the environment and inform them that you will soon invite them to the platform – they will receive an invitation by email. Of course, a personal meeting proved to be the most effective. It is a good idea to explain that thanks to the platform it will be easier for them to function in the club as well – they will have everything in one place and will be notified of important duties and messages.


Give the members a bit of time to familiarize themselves with the platform before you will want them to be fully functional in it. Things will gradually settle down.

Don’t be a boss of paper. Make it easy for yourself!

Do you do it all manually and it’s the same over and over? Does it cause you constant headaches? It’s the 21st century and there is a modern solution to save yourself a lot of redundant work.

I don’t want to be a boss of paper